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CobaltULTRA Enviro-Friendly Drillpipe Coating

Enviro-Friendly Drillpipe Coatings

CobaltULTRA and CobaltCLEAR tubular coatings are used by global oilfield services companies for Drillipe and Well Completion equipment. Non-Flammable, Non Toxic, Enviro-friendly, Easy to apply, advanced coating technology and proven performance. 

Downhole Tubing Wear

Prevent Rod-to-Tubing Abrasion

Cobalt has re-invented sucker rod guides and sucker rod coupling centralizers combined with unique polymer technology prevents rod-to-tubing wear. CobaltSPIRAL Sucker Rod Guides and couplings have excellent wear resistance to prevent tubing damage.

Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides

Proven in Extreme Well Conditions

The CobaltSPIRAL “Field Installable” Sucker Rod Guides have been proven in highly deviated wells with highly abrasive fluids, high sucker rod rotation and high side loading.  Successful well trials have resulted in client adoption of Cobalt technology and unique downhole solutions.

Cobalt Polymer Research

ARPMAX Polymer Research

Cobalt ARPMAX polymer is a Chemo-synthetic formulation specifically designed for corrosive and abrasive environments. Manufactured to out-perform competitor rod guides in durability, abrasion resistance and with an extremely low friction co-efficient.

Ensenium Downhole Tracer

Ensenium Downhole Tracer

A patented "World First" for rod pumped well completions. CobaltSENSOR technology combined with Ensenium tracer can signal when sucker rod guides reach a level of critical EWV wear. Preventing coupling to tubing or rod to tubing wear. Exclusive to Cobalt.

Sucker Rod Management

Sucker Rod Management

Reduce you Sucker Rod costs. Cobalt can pre-install rod guides so you can re-use Sucker Rods with worn overmolded Rod Guides. Reduced Sucker Rod capital costs, less transport, fast turnaround, low cost, proven technology.  Reduced workover costs.

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